About The Employers Association

The Employers Association has been providing human resources and training services to organizations in the greater Charlotte, NC area for over fifty years. We serve over 900 member organizations of all sizes and industries, both public and private. Our programs and services continue to evolve as the field of human resources grows and changes. Rely on our professional staff of experts to be your trusted partner.

Purpose Statement
We are the premier partner for human resource solutions,
helping employers build successful workplaces.

Our team of seasoned, knowledgeable human resources professionals is here to provide support for organizations of all sizes and industries.  No question is too small or too large.  We will provide the answer or solution, or we will connect you to resources who can assist you.  

We ask members to think of us first for any human resources, benefits, or training need.  Browse our web site or contact us for more information at info@employersassoc.com or 704-522-8011.  

Not a member?  Call us today or visit the Membership section of our web site for more information about membership.