Benefits Communication

Having a great benefit package is one step. Communicating it thoroughly is the next. More and more employers are realizing that regular communication of employee benefit information is critical to ensuring that employees know what they have and the value of their package.
Why Choose our Benefits Communications Services?

We can help you communicate the details and value of your benefits package with materials that are tailored specifically to your benefits, your demographics and your budget. We offer:

  • “Benefits at a Glance” – a one to two page summary of your benefits package;
  • “Total Compensation Statements” – A personalized summary for each employee showing their total compensation…..salary plus benefit costs;
  • Educational materials for each of your benefit plans.  A simple approach to ensure that a steady stream of information is given to your employees.

What sets us apart?
The Employers Association's Benefits Department can “custom-design” an approach that will specifically address your needs. We are a ready resource staffed with seasoned benefits professionals who guarantee cost-effective work of high value. There are no minimums on the number of employees; we work with small, medium and large businesses to create a comprehensive benefits communication program.
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