Total Compensation Statements

How many of your employees know that you match their FICA deductions and that you pay both unemployment taxes and workers' compensation premiums for them?  Do they know how much you, as the employer, pay for their group health, dental and other group insurance?  What about the costs of and contributions to your profit sharing or pension plan?  Does the money you spend get the recognition it should?

When employees see the total cost of their “hidden paycheck” it often leads to improved morale, reduced turnover and increased productivity.  All of this translates to greater profitability for your organization.  On as little as a single page, benefit statements can provide employees with a snapshot of all company-paid benefits.  Each is personalized to reflect individual benefit elections, employer and employee contributions to the cost of each benefit and account balances.  

Why choose TEA to help with your Total Compensation Statements?

  • Custom statements available for any size project
  • Affordability
  • Quick turnaround
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What sets us apart?

With years of experience, The Employers Association can assist you in creating Total Compensation Statements to educate your employees about the true value of their personal benefit package and the definition of “total compensation.”  We work closely with you to design a comprehensive, custom statement that reflects the culture and the “look” of your company.   Our services are very affordable for the small to mid-size company looking for this product!

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