Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals

The Employers Association (TEA) assists organizations with the preparation and updating of employee handbooks and policy manuals.  Handbooks present your company's philosophies, objectives, rules, and benefits, helping to facilitate communication and eliminate misunderstandings.  Policy manuals are primarily used by supervisors and management as written documentation of the established policies and procedures of your company. When used appropriately, handbooks can also help your organization defend itself from various employment actions such as unemployment claims or discrimination charges.

Why choose The Employers Association?

  • Cost effective resource
  • Federal and state compliance review
  • Comprehensive library of sample policies
  • Local policies and practices benchmark survey data

What sets us apart?
We not only look for compliance issues, but also approach the handbook review as an opportunity to share best practices.  We make sure that policies and procedures are written in terminology that employees can understand. We also provide feedback about how your policies and procedures compare to other local organizations and share benchmark data as needed.

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