Exit Interviews

A structured system regarding exit interviews can play an integral role in a company’s knowledge of employee satisfaction and work climate. Generally, employers want to know the reasons for turnover and to have a tool to track common trends for their employees leaving the company. Former employees are more likely to share honest feedback with a third party than they will be with their company’s management. Interviews typically measure areas such as workload distribution, immediate supervision, pay and benefits, management, job satisfaction, training and development, and communication.
Why choose The Employers Association?

  • Standardized form
  • Capability to conduct interviews in person, by phone or e-mail
  • Comprehensive category topics
  • Ability to customize using our multiple templates or company forms
  • Cost effective
  • Availability and quick turnaround

What sets us apart?
The Employers Association will provide the company with a concise document of the conversation for their records. By having a method in place, employers do not have to worry that they’re not being consistent with the process of exit interviews. For more information on why you should conduct exit interviews, or to see a few sample questions, click here. To discuss your service needs in more detail, or to begin a partnership, please feel free to contact our Compensation & Research Manager at704-522-8011.