HR Audits

The Employers Association (TEA) conducts human resource audits for member and non-member companies.  These HR audits are designed to ensure that company policies and procedures are in full compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. TEA staff reviews the company policies, handbook and various employment practices to uncover potential liabilities. We review your pay practices to determine if you are in compliance with state and federal wage and hour laws. We investigate your interview and hiring practices. We conduct a random review of your personnel files and I-9 forms to make certain they could stand up to a Department of Labor investigation.

Why Choose The Employers Association?

  • Comprehensive review of employment policies and practices
  • Experienced, professional staff
  • Cost effective resource
  • Local policies and practices benchmark survey data
  • Resources to address post-audit issues

What sets us apart?
The human resource audit and subsequent report will help ensure that your company is not only legally compliant, but also using best practices. In our recent membership survey, many companies referred to us as their “one stop shop” for HR and training resources. TEA is available as a resource to help organizations prioritize issues that may be uncovered through the audit process and implement needed changes. The HR audit can help you gain peace of mind that you are in compliance with HR laws and regulations and in line with local practices.
For more information, please contact The Employers Association at 704.522.8011 or email