Workplace Investigations

Regardless of the size of your business, odds are that you are subject to one or more of the numerous federal, state and/or local discrimination laws that prohibit employment discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  According to these laws, all employment-related decisions must be based on legitimate work-related criteria.  The laws apply in all stages of an employment relationship, from recruiting and hiring through termination.  If a workplace complaint is made, The Employers Association (TEA) can assist member companies with their investigations and position statements. Whether it is an EEOC charge or an internal complaint, TEA will review the charges, conduct a thorough investigation and provide consultation and support throughout the process.
Why Choose The Employers Association?

  • Successful record of defending companies against unwarranted charges of discrimination and workplace harassment.
  • Third party, objective resource
  • Experienced, professional staff
  • Recommendations for measures to address complaints
  • Advice on appropriate policies, procedures, and training

What sets us apart?
The Employers Association is able to investigate and evaluate objectively, which provides added validity to your process.  We tailor our fact-finding to the particular worksite and set of circumstances, to ensure our members are meeting their obligations under the law.  Because of the expertise of our staff and the many services we provide, we are able to offer specialized recommendations and solutions to each individual case.
For more information, please contact The Employers Association at 704.522.8011 or email