Employers Coalition of NC

The Employers Coalition of North Carolina (ECNC) is a partnership of three North Carolina employers associations: Capital Associated Industries in Raleigh, The Employers Association in Charlotte, and Western Carolina Industries in Asheville and their 2500 members.  We invite anyone interested in making North Carolina a more employer-friendly state to join.  Members of The Employers Association have the option to make a voluntary contribution to ECNC with their annual membership dues renewal.

The Employers Coalition of North Carolina (ECNC) was created to give the business community a more focused avenue of public policy input concerning the issue of lost jobs and the decline of the business climate in North Carolina.  We hope that this effort will enable employers and their employees to have a say in how our government responds to the challenges of the decline in the state's traditional industries and our future economic prosperity in a global economy.

Our immediate goals are to gain employer support for initiatives that will improve the business climate of the state, to inform the electorate about issues that may affect their jobs and standards of living, and to encourage participation in our state and national political systems.  We hope to engage the business community with the political and educational leaders of the state to solve the problems that we currently face, as well as those that are looming on the horizon.

Our long-range goal is to preserve the American way of life for present and future generations by ensuring the economic security that generations of North Carolinians have worked so long and hard for.

Serious Problems in Our Workers' Compensation System

  • North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system is becoming a major burden to employers.

Taxes High/Incentives Low for Existing Businesses

  • Corporate and personal income taxes are not competitive with surrounding states and although existing employers create eighty percent of all new jobs, few incentives are available for this important segment of the economy.

The Cost of Health Care is Threatening Employer Sponsored Benefits

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