HR Advice Line

In our recent Membership survey, the HR Advice Line was rated as the #1 important service that The Employers Association (TEA) provides.  This is an unlimited telephone consulting service available to our members, providing advice, answering questions and helping our members solve human resource problems. Some of the more regular requests include discipline, terminations, the Family & Medical Leave Act, workers’ compensation, immigration issues, harassment and discrimination questions. The HR Advice Line serves as a trusted resource for our members.

Why choose The Employers Association?

  • Knowledgeable, local HR professionals with a combined 50 years of HR experience in manufacturing, insurance, and financial services industries.
  • Cost effective resource
  • Prompt responses
  • Compliance and employee relations advice
  • Insight into other local employers’ practices

What sets us apart?

Our knowledgeable professionals pride themselves on providing the members sound and thoughtful information. We help you look at all angles of an employee issue and give you the answers necessary to handle problems with confidence. We are a local resource and therefore have expertise in North and South Carolina state laws and regulations, as well as federal laws and regulations.  For more information about our HR Advice Line, call 704.522.8011 or email