Members of The Employers Association have access to our free on-line research tool called HRAnswersNow™. Members have quick answers to thousands of HR questions at their fingertips, twenty-four hours a day.  We are partnering with CCH Incorporated, a well-known name in the publishing and information field.

HRAnswersNow™ covers the issues that matter most to you:  Employee Information and Records; Staffing; Compensation and Benefits; Employee Relations; Discrimination; Safety; and HR Issues and Answers.  Whether you manage an HR department, if you are the sole HR person, or if you are a small business owner managing your own HR issues, HRAnswersNow™ is the one resource that provides expert guidance that's easy to use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed by HR Professionals, for HR Professionals — Topics are presented in a straightforward question-and-answer style and arranged in general categories that mirror the actual administrative areas of your own office.
  • Award Winning Internet Platform/Easy Navigation — Using the same, proven, award winning Internet platform that many of CCH’s other best selling products utilize, HRAnswersNow™ points you in the right direction immediately, so you’re not searching through extraneous information that doesn’t answer your immediate questions.
  • State Employment Laws — Have offices in other states?  Not a problem. HRAnswersNow™ has labor laws on all 50 states under the “State Laws” tab.   Search by state or across multiple jurisdictions – all in plain language terms!
  • Job Descriptions — Need to create a job description?, found in HRAnswersNow™, will guide you through every step of writing your job description.
  • Performance Reviews — Need help writing a performance review? will guide you through every step of writing a performance review.  
  • News and Trends — The latest news and trends in the HR industry are available under the News and Information tab.

Need help during business hours?  Continue to call our HR Advice Hotline. Need help before or after hours?  Try HRAnswersNow™ in the members only section of our web site.  As always, we’re here to help you – but now we’re here to help you…all the time!