The Employers Association (TEA) builds partnerships with other businesses that offer complementary services. Our current partners include:


Benefit Advocates
Serving as a third-party to help resolve benefit claims issues, Benefit Advocates provides assistance to employees with difficult claims, freeing the Human Resources staff from those time consuming and HIPAA- protected efforts.

Business Innovation & Growth (BIG)
A membership-based non-profit organization, BIG aims to create an intimate community of like-minded, high potential entrepreneurs and provide a meaningful and rewarding peer-to-peer exchange among those facing similar challenges with growing their businesses.

Charlotte Business Resources
Charlotte Works is a community-wide collaborative effort by a network of organizations committed to working together to save you time and money by providing relevant business resources & information.


Cohen Elgin Consultative Services, LLC
TEA partners with Cohen Elgin Consultative Services (CECS) to provide safety training and consulting services.   We offer an ongoing calendar of open enrollment safety classes, or we can customize training courses and conduct them at the location of your choice.  CECS also provides safety audits and consulting services.  With more than 30 years of experience both in industry and with NC OSH, Mr. Elgin has the expertise to help our members prevent accidents and provide safe workplaces for their team members.


Community Eye Care
Community Eye Care is a leading provider of vision benefits offering simple plan design, ease of administration and the largest provider network in our area.

Group Benefit Solutions
Group Benefit Solutions works with TEA members to evaluate, design, implement and communicate employee benefit plans. Group Benefit Solutions is committed to understanding your company’s benefits needs, creating solutions, and building long-term relationships. The firm serves a cross-section of industries and businesses throughout the Southeast ranging from small privately held firms to larger publicly traded companies. Group Insurance Services
HSA Bank
HSA Bank is a national leader in HSA administration, working with employers to discover how an HSA program can benefit the employee and employer.

McLaughlin Young Employee Services
TEA offers members an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at member-preferred rates through McLaughlin Young Employee Services. Personal problems can affect the lives of employees both at home and at work. An EAP helps employees and family members resolve personal problems that may adversely impact their health and well-being as well as work performance. Services typically include needs assessment, confidential short-term counseling for issues related to stress, marital and family issues, financial or job concerns, drug or alcohol dependency services. In addition, the EAP provides an alternative resource for company management when dealing with job performance issues. Employee Assistance Programs


TargetCare, Inc.
TargetCare, Inc. specializes in helping companies provide benefits of preventive healthcare at the workplace, including clinical health assessments, ongoing support and intervention.


Employers Coalition of North Carolina
TEA is involved with the Employers Coalition of North Carolina to give the business community a more focused avenue of public policy input concerning the issues of lost jobs and the decline of the business climate in North Carolina. We hope that this effort will enable employers and their employees to have a say in how our government responds to the challenges of the decline in the state's traditional industries and our future economic prosperity in a global economy.

The Coalition’s immediate goals are to gain employer support for initiatives that will improve the business climate of the state, to inform the electorate about issues that may affect their jobs and standards of living, and to encourage participation in our state and national political systems. We hope to engage the business community with the political and educational leaders of the state to solve the problems that we currently face, as well as those that are looming on the horizon. Employers Coalition of NC



While background screening isn’t free, the costs of each test are much less than the potential consequences of hiring incompetent or violent employees.

If you hire too quickly, fail to vet references or avoid a background check, you might be throwing away money by investing in fraudulent talent and putting your staff at risk. On the flip side, a background screening isn’t something to take lightly. You need the right partner to conduct it in an effective, legal and respectful way.

That’s why the first place you should turn is InfoMart. We can answer any question you have about a particular background screening test and develop the perfect solution for your company’s needs.

If you would like more information about any of our partnerships, please contact us at 704-522-8011 or