Employee Opinion Surveys

Employee Opinion Surveys, also known as employee satisfaction or engagement surveys, are a highly effective way for organizations to gauge their “employee health and satisfaction”.  Inviting employees to share their views can often impact and improve workflow processes, increase morale and help to create a more fiscally sound company. Since “perception is reality,” employers need to listen to their employees. Through this confidential process, employees are free to share their thoughts and insights. Taking action on the results further demonstrates that employees’ views are valued.

Steps of an Employee Opinion Survey

  • Planning – We’ll help with all the details! TEA has a 43 question standard survey covering nine categories that contains normative data to benchmark your company. We also have the capability to customize the survey, if desired.
  • Survey Administration – We will administer the survey in person with a paper copy or via the web or a combination depending on your needs.
  • Data Analysis - All data will be compiled and analyzed against TEA standards or previous data, if available.
  • One-on-one Interviews - Four weeks after the survey has been completed, we will interview 10-15% of the employee base in person or by phone, making sure there is total department representation.
  • Feedback - Employers receive a comprehensive report showing total company findings as well as departmental results.  We will help the company with suggestions regarding action plans and a strategy for communicating results to the employees. This is a critical step!
  • Focus Groups – Once the “action items” have been identified, we can facilitate focus groups to help empower the employees to help make the changes that they have asked for.  Please visit our Focus Groups page for more information.

Opportunities Identified From Survey Results

In conducting an employee opinion survey, organizations find many opportunities to improve in areas that directly impact the bottom line and promote positive employer/employee relations. For example, improving productivity, reducing turnover, identifying training needs, improving communication, strengthening supervision, building morale, curbing absenteeism, identifying cost saving measures, and more.

Why Choose TEA?

  • Detailed and Easy-To-Comprehend Reports
  • Normative Comparisons
  • Questions Applicable to Today’s Workforce
  • Standard Format or Customized Surveys
  • Lower Cost Than Competitors
  • Translation of Surveys/Interviews for Non-English Speaking Employees
  • Choice of Paper Administration or Web Based
  • Confidentiality of Entire Process

What Sets Us Apart?

The Employers Association has worked with employers to conduct employee opinion surveys for over 25 years. We know what questions to ask, how to tabulate and analyze the information, and most importantly, recommend a course of action. Our experienced professionals have surveyed hundreds of companies, from small, family-owned businesses to large manufacturing and service operations in all types of industries. For more information, please contact The Employers Association at 704. 522.8011 or e-mail info@employersassoc.com.