Team Dynamics

We use a variety of tools to help employers create effective work environments and help team members work better together for joint success.  We provide interventions such as coaching, consulting, assessment tools, surveys and training to tailor a solution for each organization.  

Whether it is one individual, two people, one team, or across teams, we can help individuals and organizations solve a variety of issues and move from…

Toxic environments Productive environments
Open conflict Collaboration
Anger Open communication
Silos  Teamwork
Individual focus Team goals
Rumors/Grapevine Open-communication
Dissatisfied customers Loyal customers
Disengaged team members Highly engaged team members

Below are a few examples of ways organizations have used us:

Refocusing Leaders on Organizational Goals:  
We coached executives within a small, growing company to transition to a strategic leadership model.  This helped eliminate departmental silos and promote joint responsibility for company goals and results.

Harassment Prevention:
We coached an individual on appropriate work behaviors as part of a workplace investigation and job retention plan.  This reinforced the importance of the issue and helped the company reduce risk and demonstrate compliance efforts.

Conflict Resolution:  
We consulted with two team members who were in conflict to navigate hurt feelings, stop rumors, and reduce anger and suspicion.  We created a platform for open communication and shared agreements for how to work together.  This resulted in improved relationships, fewer complaints, and a calmer working environment.

Creating a Culture of Customer Service Excellence:  
We developed and delivered an intense, experiential customer service training program for an upscale adult daycare facility.  This customized training program, based on the Ritz Carlton model, elicited new attitudes and behaviors that raised the bar for customer service.  

Facilitating Crucial Conversations:
We provided intervention techniques to resolve conflict and transform a toxic work environment into a productive place, where employees communicated openly, shared duties and found joy in their work and each other.

Employee Surveys:
We helped an organization use survey feedback to implement action plans, as it experienced significant growth and shifted its culture.

We conducted a 360 feedback project for an organization to develop its leaders and prepare them for future roles within an organization.