Many employers are seeking ways to help their teams work together more effectively. Whether you have a new team that has just formed, or a seasoned team that needs assistance, we have a variety of training classes and teambuilding programs to enhance communication and team productivity. Three of  our most popular programs include “Gold of the Desert Kings,”™ "Promises, Promises,"™ and “Crisis in Mantique.”  (See descriptions below.)

We also offer sessions that use assessment tools such as the DiSC © Profile or Myers-Briggs to enhance communication and teamwork.  We will build a customized session for your group that is tailored to the team that you want to build.  

“Gold of the Desert Kings”™ clearly demonstrates the need for teamwork, strategic planning, positive communication, effective decision making, leadership and goal setting. In this one-half day, action packed adventure, teams are given the straightforward mission of crossing a perilous desert to mine for gold in the mountains… but it’s not as easy as it looks. Pitted against the changing elements, teams must manage limited resources and face the tragic possibility of death by thirst or starvation. The process shows participants how they personally react to the same real life issues on the job, giving them a better understanding of what changes are necessary and increasing their commitment to change.  More information...

"Promises, Promises"™ is about teamwork, quality and customer service. Teams participate in a mini-United Nations as they negotiate over diplomatic concerns. It encourages people to fix the problem, not to blame; to strip down the process to find and eliminate problems that prevent quality; to satisfy the customer’s requirements whether that customer is internal or external; to eliminate non-value-added activities in our daily work; to instill pride, to encourage teamwork and create an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and continuous improvement.
These experiential learning programs provide a fun and effective learning environment for teams from any organization. The programs may be held at our facility, your facility, or any location that you would like. More information...

Crisis in Mantique is a training aid designed to develop negotiating and conflict resolution skills; to increase cultural diversity awareness and sensitivity; to improve decision making ability and to develop interpersonal communication skills. Through experiential learning participants practice the skills required to successfully negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with others and to develop negotiating skills. More information...

Why Choose The Employers Association?

  • Experienced instructors
  • Custom classes available
  • Practical content
  • Classes held at the location of your choice
  • Great return on investment

What Sets Us Apart?
The Employers Association (TEA) has been in the training business for nearly 50 years. Our talented instructors possess real-world business experience that allows us to provide your employees with practical knowledge and skills for the workplace. Trust TEA to present training solutions that will help your organization improve people performance and achieve business goals and objectives.
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